rOLLeR CoAsTeR (btol ke ejaan nye cm2 ?) !

eLLow everybuddy ,  frst time in my life n for da last time i played da roller coaster . siyes ! u know what ? xctlly i didn't played da roller coaster but da things that happen to who played dis games same as u played da roller coaster , da cnditions was ur head down , ur leg was up ! can u imagine that ? i played many types of games there , but 3 of them was like da above sentence ! after da 3 games , i swear that i'll never to play it again ! never ! hahah . so cruel huh ! who cares ? then , we're played da slow games , i think this one was more better than da xtreme one , huh ? so , do u know where i played today ? it's the times square ! huhu . so , who wants to play in da theme park , i suggest do not play da xtreme one after u eat , before u play da real roller coaster , play the others frst to make sure that u make a GOOD decision either u wanna to play da roller coaster or not , huhu . i reminds u . if i've got da pic , i'll upload here IMMEDIATELY ! so , thats all 4 today . nothings left anymore , iloveu , imissu , igotcrazyonu ! pai , salam n gud nite !

Thanks for reading ^^

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